The Hazards of Spring Break - Walton County, Okaloosa County

College and high school age students have  been coming to Walton and Okaloosa Counties to enjoy spring break for decades.  However, too much fun can and does create a hazard for the spring breakers and their friends and families.  The use of pot or underage drinking caused nearly a thousand Walton County spring breakers to endure criminal charges, arrest and an hour and half trip north to the County Jail.  Without proper legal representation this experience may cause those students to have a criminal record that will have a lasting effect.  Bailing out of jail, signing the citation and paying the fine does NOT mean you are clear.  The opposite is true!  This will create a far lasting and reaching criminal record.  If you find yourself arrested or cited with underage drinking or possessing of pot, I urge you to seek the advice of an experienced lawyer.  The law firm of Pleat Perry and Ritchie is willing to help and has the experience and proven record to provide the spring breaker the legal representation required due to arrest or citation for underage drinking, possession of pop and/or disorderly intoxication.