Rain, Wind and Flood Claims - Destin, Sandestin, 30A South Walton

Our panhandle area was recently hit with one of the most severe wind, rain and violent weather events ever recorded.  Our senior partner, David B. Pleat, has 30 years of experience representing clients with insurance claims.  A consultation with Mr. Pleat on your insurance/flood/rain damage claim is free and he charges a contingency fee if there is a successful recovery.  

If there is no recovery on your insurance claim, there is no fee to pay our firm. In most cases, if you are successful in recovery against your insurance carrier, your attorney’s fees are recoverable from the insurance company pursuant to Florida law. 

There are important steps to take to preserve your claim and action should be taken immediately to make sure your claim will be fully realized.

  • Be sure to take pictures and/or video of youDestin Sandestin 30A South Walton Storm Damage from Flooding Rains Claims Recoveryr damage as it exists as close in time to the storm of April 30th, 2014, as possible
  • Take whatever measures needed to mitigate your loss pending the insurance company sending an adjuster (i.e. tarp open damage or otherwise try to contain)
  • Clean debris/water when possible
  • Contact contractors asap to obtain cost estimates for repair
  • Immediately contact your insurance carrier(s) and/or insurance agent and report the claim. 
  • If you have question about your policies, call all if more than one carrier involved. 
  • If you have flood insurance and general wind/property insurance with another carrier, report the claim to both.
  • Obtain copies of your policies from your agent asap or make sure you have copies with your records.

Call 850-650-0599 or email Mr. Pleat or his para-legal, Theresa Stucki, at Theresa@pleatperry.com, to set up a free consultation.

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