Have we got an app for you...HUMDUB

Have you ever driven right by a historical site or seen the sign indicating there is a historical site just a little too late to take the exit?  Well have we got an app for you.  Andrew C. Pleat, brother of Senior Partner, David Pleat, has created an "APP" called the “HUMDUB”.  The Humdub provides roadside audio notices of historical sites and markers as you drive down the road.  So, when traveling, Humdub constantly provides information for the traveler on historical sites in the United States that travelers may wish to visit. Best of all, the App is free and available on all Android phone systems and, hopefully soon, will be available for Apple products. So search your App store for “HUMDUB” and download.  You will be amazed at how many historical sites you  pass as you drive down the road.  Enjoy!