Pleat, Perry & Ritchie Board Appointments

David B. Pleat, Senior Partner, has recently been named to the Seaside Charter School Business Advisory Board.David B. Pleat Seaside Charter School Board Member







William "West" Ritchie has been appointed to two boards:William "West" Ritchie Board of Director appointments

Member of the Board of Directors of Legal Services of North Florida ----The mission of Legal Services of North Florida is to provide “An Opportunity for Justice” for eligible residents through representation conducted efficiently and comparable in quality to that of the private bar, and through other forms of legal assistance designed to provide a full range of civil legal services to those in need.

Member of the Board of Directors of The North Florida Center For Equal Justice ---- A Florida not-for-profit public service law firm that services the civil legal needs of residents of north Florida for the purpose of impacting on large scale state and federal law and to the extent possible relative legislation.